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Black tri mini Australian shepherd
Hi there!Finn (formally "Titan") is doing fabulous adjusting to his new life in Phoenix. He loves his new backyard and does very well on the leash when we go on walks! He knows "sit" "drop" "come"and "time to eat!" He is a sweet boy and loves cuddles as much as he loves fetch and "herding" the tree in my backyard.Thank you again for such a great dog! Charlotte
She is amazing: everyone except Wolfgang is in love. Hoping Wolfgang the Grouch falls under her spell soon! It was wonderful to meet you & your lovely daughter. King’s 
Castle Aussies is a space of love & high spirits!

Our Kona (Cinder) was found to be very healthy at her vet checkup on Tuesday.  She 
seems to be really happy with her new home and loves the grass in the back yard.  
She is so sweet we just love her
Hi Yvonne,
This is Jill. Brian and I purchased a blue merle 
female from you over the summer. We picked her up, 
welcoming her into our home, on July 30th. We've named her 
Pearl. I've attached a picture of her from last month after 
playing in a small mud puddle!

Pearl is outgoing, sociable, playful, energetic, athletic, easy to 
train, very smart and extremely affectionate. I've never had a 
dog that loves a hug! Our trainer had even mentioned that 
she'd be an excellent therapy dog.

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